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    Permanent Color GC

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    100% gray coverage. This color can be used for a drastic new look or to maintain your youthful, natural color.   60 Min
    Service tax included
    *Highlighting and Creative Color available, price based on consultation

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  • Truman’s Hair Paste



    Grooming Men For Over A Decade

    Truman’s versatile Hair Paste is designed to provide structural support and long-lasting hold with just the right amount of control. Our measured pump delivery system dispenses the perfect amount of product every time, so you will never over use or under use again.

    Directions: Use half a pump for thinning hair, one pump for full hair, and two pumps for coarse or unruly hair.  Use on all hair types for a medium hold and just the right amount of shine.

    KEY INGREDIENTS:BEESWAX (provides reliable hold without stiffness) LANOLIN (penetrates hair to retain moisture),CHONDUS CRISPUS (Seaweed extract  enhanceshair health)

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  • Truman’s Matte Texturizer



    Grooming Men For Over A Decade

    With a light, but defined hold, Truman’s Matte is a great styling tool, especially for men with fine hair.  Using beeswax to provide hold with reduced shine and natural vitamin E to moisturize; this product provides a stylish, light hold with a natural matte finish.

    Directions: Work a nickel size dab between your hands to. Apply evenly through hair for preferred style.

    Key Ingredients: SUNFLOWER OIL (to nourish and moisturize hair) SHEA BUTTER (drive deep penetration of moisture to help improve softness)

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  • Truman’s Shampoo



    Grooming Men For Over A Decade

    Truman’s Moisturizing Shampoo is formulated to removes excess oils, residue, and buildup while sealing in moisture and nourishing hair. A proprietary blend of proteins and antioxidants strengthens follicles, enhances circulation to scalp, and delivers long-lasting volume for thicker hair. This is not a two-in-one shampoo/conditioner as many conditioners add too much weight to men’s hair.

    Directions: Made for daily use. Thoroughly massage into wet hair and scalp, then rinse.

    KEY INGREDIENTS:  WHEAT PROTEIN (moisturizes), KELP EXTRACT (antioxidant) PEPPERMINT OIL(invigorates, activates follicle cells)

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